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Welcome to Living With Autism, Inc. (LWA), a place where compassion meets innovation to support adults with autism and developmental disabilities. Our organization is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for each individual we serve. Through our residential services, day programs, and community-based activities, we focus on fostering independence, skill development, and social integration.

At LWA, we believe in the potential of every individual. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to providing a nurturing environment where participants can thrive and achieve their personal goals. From vocational training to recreational activities, our programs are designed to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of our participants.


Mission: At Living With Autism, Inc. (LWA), our mission is to enrich the lives of adults with autism and developmental disabilities. We are committed to empowering each individual through personalized care, skill development, and community integration. Our goal is to create an environment where every person can achieve their full potential and lead a fulfilling life.

History: Founded with a vision to provide comprehensive support to adults on the autism spectrum, LWA has evolved into a multifaceted organization offering a range of services. Since our inception, we have expanded our reach to include not just residential services but also day programs, vocational training, and community activities. Our journey is marked by a continuous effort to adapt and grow in response to the needs of our community. Through our dedicated team and supportive network, we have made significant strides in enhancing the lives of those we serve, shaping a history that reflects our commitment to care, innovation, and inclusivity.


Living With Autism, Inc. (LWA) is proud to collaborate with a diverse range of partners who share our commitment to supporting adults with autism and developmental disabilities. Our partnerships span across various sectors, including local businesses, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and community organizations. These collaborations play a crucial role in enriching our programs and expanding our impact.

Together with our partners, we create a supportive network that not only benefits our participants but also strengthens the community as a whole. We are grateful for the ongoing support and commitment of our partners, who are integral to our mission and the success of our programs.

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